toronto-0131I spent the weekend in Toronto, Canada, leading a spiritual retreat. What a wonderful city – friendly, beautiful and big!
In the midst of this thriving metropolis, thirty of us stepped out of life’s hectic pace to relax, renew and retreat! The retreat center is about a mile from Lake Ontario. After lunch on Saturday, a group of us walked downhill, sun shining and a light breeze wisping the hair off our faces. (well, not mine – my hair is really short and is never in my face!) As we rounded the last curve in the road, we were greeted with a breathtaking view; the water as blue as the Caribbean, and a light haze blending the horizon, so you couldn’t tell where the water stopped and the sky started!
Off to the west of the beach, rugged cliffs jutted toward the heavens in a majestic white wall. They call it the bluffs. The air was noticeably cooler on the waterfront and this Florida girl felt rather chilled. Soon it was time to return; a bit more of a hike walking up hill! The old brick building looming up ahead was a welcome sight, just when I thought we’d have to call a cab or an ambulance! I may be exaggerating about the exertion, but not the beauty of Lake Ontario and the Bluffs.
Posted on: April 28, 2009
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