Five months of 2009 are nearly behind us. Did you set a goal as part of your New Year’s resolution? What’s happening with it? Many people really are not sure how to set a goal.  Perhaps past goals weren’t successful and there’s an underlying fear of failing again. I can guarantee one thing, in order to achieve goals, we have to set them!

Setting a great goal does not necessarily insure achieving it. I can set a goal of becoming a great artist, buy brushes, easels, canvas and paint, but that may not mean I’ll be a famous painter!  Maybe a better goal would be to take some art classes first, to determine if I really like painting and if I’m any good.

The fact is that most of us don’t achieve our goals, because we don’t really believe that we can reach the goal. The first step to successful goal achievement, regardless of your process or the steps you follow in setting your goal, is to absolutely believe that you can accomplish it.

Is your goal ambitious enough to cause you to stretch a bit? Are you able to really buy into the idea that you are capable of reaching it? If there’s any doubt in your mind that you can reach the goal, you probably won’t.

What we believe in, becomes real. Action comes from believing that we can achieve, and action leads to results! What can we do if doubt creeps in? Sometime it’s as simple as acting as if. Can you visualize what it will be like when you reach that goal? This can help you to stay motivated.

What’s your goal? Is it an unrequited New Year’s resolution, with no real plan of action? Maybe you just need a little kick start. If I can help, please call for a complimentary session.