Dave & Gerri at the Grand Canyon

Dave & Gerri at the Grand Canyon

Dave and I spent a beautiful week at the Grand Canyon. I will always remember the awesome feeling of walking up to the south rim, and peering over at the most spectacular creation of nature I’ve ever witnessed. We took a jeep ride down into the canyon, and as we dropped 2,000′ from the road to the river, the topography continued to change, evolve and amaze us.

As we neared the river, a herd of mountain goats crossed our path, to drink from a mountain stream nearby. Then, over the horizon, we see the river, in all its majesty, resembling chocolate milk as it roared through the gorge. It was very cold to touch, unlike the mountain stream, clear and warm as it met up with the larger river.

We snapped lots of pictures, but I was amazed when I saw this – it looked like God was shining right down on us! We do have a very blessed marriage, but this really summed it up!

Then we clammored back into the jeep, only to discover it wouldn’t start. The guide tried many things to no avail. A storm was brewing to our east and there was no cover. Our cell phones were of no use in this mountain crevice, and I felt a bit apprehensive as nightfall was only about an hour or so away. I envisioned us camped out in the cold, warding off mountain lions and snakes. Ah, I’m such a drama queen, aren’t I?

Luckily, a German tourist arrived in his car, and loaded us up with his two other passengers, making six in a car built to hold only four comfortably. We didn’t care! We were so grateful to be rescued. The jeep malfunction became the highlight of that trip, until we looked at our pictures and saw this one.

It’s easy to lose focus of the things in life that really count, when trust flies out the window.  Miracles and blessings are always right under my nose, when my heart is open to receive them!

Posted on: October 12, 2009
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