Did you know that I am a NASCAR fan? Every year, Dave and I head to Homestead, FL for the final race of the season. It is one of our favorite get-aways. The races were full of excitement for us this year, including a blown RV tire on the FL Turnpike as we headed for the racetrack. Luckily, there are two tires on either side of the wheel, which safely got us to the parking area. The tow service arrived in plenty of time to change the $600 tire and not miss the driver introductions. “My” driver did not finish well, but all told, they gave us quite a show.

Instead of heading home on Monday, we continued south and stayed at the Naval Air Station in Key West for the rest of the week. What fun! We celebrated a non-traditional Thanksgiving in a restaurant, opting for local seafood rather than turkey! I’ll cook our bird this weekend for my family.

This was our first time at mile marker zero. How many times  in my life however, did I start over, at the beginning? It takes courage, and willingness to step out onto a different path. Four years ago, I walked away from a twenty-five year career to start my coaching practice and fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Listen to this latest radio interview about  Trust God and Buy Broccoli, my first book published in 2007 – http://www.thechristianauthorsshow.com/ with Don McCauley on the Christian Author Show!

If dreams are just something you do when your eyes are closed, dare to look for your zero mile marker and start making those dreams come true.

Mile Marker Zero

Mile Marker Zero

Posted on: December 1, 2009
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