We face them every day – distractions and interruptions! Joe Carroccio has a radio show where he addresses this challenge to every area of our lives. I had the privilege of spending time with Joe on Sunday, as a guest on his fantastic radio show. You can listen to our lively conversation at this website – http://www.achieveradio.com/archplayer.php?showname=The Law of Distraction and Interuption&ShowURL=http://audio.achieveradio.com/law-of-distraction/Dec-06-2009-at-04-00PM—Law_of_Distraction.mp3. When I was a community association manager, my day was a juggling act of distractions and interruptions. Looking back, interruptions were part of the job! I could be in the midst of preparing a bank deposit when someone might come in to report a problem with street lights. If you work with people, interruptions are a given! How do we deal with those people, without making them feel like a distraction? I strived to make everyone who walked in the door feel like they were the most important person in my life. If these people are perceived as ain interruption, that will come out in your voice, facial expressions and body language. Maybe your first step would be to change how you look at interruptions, as not a bump in the road, but part of the journey. They are going to happen. We may as well be ready for them. Once the 'interrupter' is perceived as part of the job, rather than a distraction, it might become a pleasant encounter, rather than an opportunity for defensiveness. What interruptions and distractions might be on the horizon for you, with the upcoming holidays? How can you change your perception of them and make it a positive experience?

Posted on: December 7, 2009
Categories: Blog Posts