Merry Christmas from Gerri & Pooh Bear

Merry Christmas from Gerri & Pooh Bear

Happy Holidays!

It seems that this time of year I am more aware of the gifts in my life and wish to be grateful. This past week, I experienced a miracle of sorts, and I’m grateful beyond words.

I hear a ringing in my ears – have for as far back as I can remember. When my sisters were here this summer for my birthday, Sandy commented on the beautiful cricket sounds, and I couldn’t hear them. That was very discouraging, but it lead me to at least have my hearing professionally checked. The doctor recommended hearing aids.

I’ve had my new hearing aids for five days and am amazed at what I can now hear. Do you know that flip-flop sandals make a funny noise with each step you take. Last night, I heard my dinner ‘sizzle’. Of course, some of the sounds are jarring, like at church on Sunday, the preacher asked us to please sit, and wow, do those pews creak! The man behind us was talking with his wife and I was turning around, and answering him! I thought he was talking to me. I finally apologized and explained that I’m a new hearing aid wearer! He just smiled.

Tomorrow evening, my home will be filled with the sounds of family and the paper tear of gifts being unwrapped. What a joyful time to hear.

I pray that you take some time today to listen to what is around you. We take so much for granted. Don’t miss the sounds of the season.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanakuh and Happy Holidays, whatever you may be celebrating.

Posted on: December 23, 2009
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