Some people have the fireworks-roller coaster big-bang variety of spiritual experiences, but I can’t say that I have. Mine are the gradual types. I think that I probably missed several because I didn’t look for them; they’re all around me when my heart is open to receive them. 

Last night I took the puppy out for a potty-run. She doesn’t ring the bells on the door like our other dog, Pooh Bear. No, Snickerdoodle prefers to jump up on me and lick my face if it’s in range. At any rate, she’s very clear that she wants to go ‘out’. Since I started acknowledging her, we’ve had very few accidents, and the most recent was very apparent that I ignored her request.

So we came back in and she jumped right back onto my lap, wrapped her little paws around my neck and snuggled me! My dog hugged me, and stayed like that for at least ten seconds. Then she curled up on my lap and took a little snooze. Now THAT was a spiritual moment.

Then this morning, Dave and I were taking both dogs for a walk and on one of the back streets, we ran across a deer, and it was late enough in the day for that to be a surprise. Instead of running off, he stood still for a few moments and watched us. Of course, we stood still too and watched him. Even the dogs remained still. Then, that deer walked right toward us, came within ten feet before turning right and heading up the street, where he finally cut into the woods. What a flat out gift of a spiritual moment, eh?

So, what spritual moments are sitting right under your nose this beautiful Friday morning? Perhaps you’d like to share one?

Posted on: April 23, 2010
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