The dictionary defines spiritual as related or joined in spirit. That differs from what was presented to me as a child. Spirituality also has religious connotations, but this aspect merely generated the fear of punitive repercussions, should I participate in sinful activities. Consequently, I shied away from a spiritual life.

Being related or joined in spirit is much more palatable, and gives way to a vista for life that never existed before, an opportunity to see spirituality in, and around me. I now embrace this as a desired lifestyle, actually looking for opportunities to relate and join in spirit with everything and everyone around me.

Wayne Dyer says, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” How life has changed, desiring now to be in a constant state of spirituality. This allows me to step out of my self-focused nature and look for opportunities to be of service to the God of my understanding and to those about me, lofty ideals indeed.

In my quest to discover and enjoy spirituality, things began to change. My husband seems more loveable, my work has become exciting and life is no longer mundane, even in the most ordinary activities. How spiritual it is to clean my kitchen – I am joined in spirit with a fresh, orderly work area in which to prepare my meals. This is so much sweeter than the drudgery of doing the dishes and sweeping up the crumbs from floor.

Spiritual moments are everywhere ~ all around me, when my heart is open to see and experience them. I am a much nicer person to be around, when thinking about how to be of service to you, rather than what I can get from you. And it’s contagious.