just wait ...

just wait ...

“Your behavior is based upon your feelings, which are based on your thoughts. So the thing to work on is not to change your behavior, but those things inside of your consciousness that we call thoughts. Once your thoughts reflect what you genuinely want to be, the appropriate emotions and the consequent behavior will flow automatically. Believe it, and you will see it!” Wayne Dyer



Feelings are not facts and I do not have to act on my thoughts. There was a time where if I thought it, that meant I had to do it. The result for me was morbid obesity. Whenever I was upset, I ate. I also ate if I was excited, happy, afraid, lonely and of course, in love! Eventually I felt nothing – it all felt like hungry! I refer to that phase of my life as emotional flat line.

In 1993, I made some very drastic changes to my eating habits and lost over 100 lbs in a year – not the first time (full story in my book – Trust God and Buy Broccoli); past diets always resulted in a return to over indulging and even a greater weight gain. After this diet, I no longer ate over feelings or thoughts and I’ve maintained this healthy body size for the last sixteen years.

Eating in a manner that supports a healthy body is a spiritual discipline. When the urge to eat things that are not healthy, I have to just thank my head for sharing those thoughts – and not to act on them. What I genuinely want is a healthy, attractive body.

Food is no longer a ‘God’. If I am going to approach the refrigerator in-between meals, I may as well get right down on my knees and pray to it. And to date, the refrigerator has never answered one prayer. Its promise of ‘comfort’ is a lie, providing instead an uncomfortably full stomach and a heart full of guilt and remorse.

So my Spiritual Tip for today is … wait. Simply wait. I will not die if I don’t hit that refrigerator and after five minutes or so, the insatiable urge to gorge myself passes. Even the deepest grief has a beginning and an end. Sadness may seem to envelop me, but it ebbs and flows. I do not have to eat (or use any other addiction) to deal with feelings. When I don’t act on the urge to medicate uncomfortable feelings, I can feel them, and move on.

And you will have to wait until tomorrow for more spiritual ideas. Practice this one today, and of course, yesterday’s suggestion, which is to listen.

Posted on: May 28, 2010
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