girls playing uid 1158247“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” ~ Woody Allen

How long has it been since you’ve laughed that hard? 

Does the thought of spirituality conjure up a picture of someone serious? Many of my religious role models were somber. I think it was even a sin to laugh in church! But really, laughter is truly a gift from God and has many benefits. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a statue of Buddha where he isn’t laughing. The best sermons I can remember are those where the preacher made us laugh.

 My thought today is that laughter can truly be a spiritual experience. When I’m in good spirits, I feel connected to the God of my understanding. I feel better when I laugh. I don’t dislike anyone, I don’t feel stressed out. Laughter is so real! Did you ever try and fake a laugh? You’ll probably start laughing for real – at least that is my experience. It is difficult to laugh and feel bad at the same time! 

Look for an opportunity to laugh today:

  • Can a difficult situation at work be tempered by some humor?
  • Find a joke that you can share with someone in your life today ~ if you don’t have a joke at your immediate disposal, use your search engine to find one!
  • Can you find the humor in your own life today?

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