student confusedHave you ever been immobilized in fear about making a decision?  I’ve imagined the best and the worst outcomes, scripted various scenarios, weighed the advantages/disadvantages. What if it is a bad decision? What if it is the wrong decision?

Wouldn’t it be great to look at decisions in a different light? What if they were not about being right or wrong, or good or bad? Maybe it’s all just about being on a spiritual path! Our life choices rarely are black or white; often the path is gray.

Some of the decisions in my life have not turned out the way I anticipated, despite research, consultation and sometimes spontaneity. Several of my greatest challenges and opportunities have sprouted from what initially seemed like a bad choice. Each bump on my path can create an opportunity for spiritual growth, when my heart was open to it.

My spiritual path has been both smooth and rocky; crooked and straight.  My corners, detours, and crossroads all come without guarantee that I’m choosing the right one; I cannot know until I actually take it. Even if I did choose the ‘right’ thing, is that a ticket to happiness?  I cannot control the outcome. I do not have power over what others will do with my choices. If the consequences or outcomes are good for me, will they also be good for anyone else they may affect?

Since life offers no guarantee, you might as well take the risk and decide. It is true that wrong turn could get you lost, but it could also be that an opportunity for a spiritual adventure. It is all a matter of perspective.

Next time you are faced with a decision, be ready to face its consequences: if you get lemons, make lemonade!  Whether it is the best decision or not, only time can tell. But do not regret it whatever the outcome. Instead, embrace it as an opportunity for another spiritual experience.

Posted on: June 8, 2010
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