DSCN4279My niece Monica from North Carolina and her best friend Kandace visited this past weekend. Monica turned fourteen on Saturday and I flipped sixty-one on Sunday and we celebrated in great style at Disney World. I thought that nothing could top last year’s gala party when I joined the ranks of the sixty-year-olders, but this was right up there in a memory-maker.

Disney is the king of celebrations! We were issued buttons to wear, complete with our names, identifying us as birthday girls! Cast members, as Disney refers to their employees, pay close attention to the buttons, and throughout the weekend, we heard “Happy Birthday”, along with our name, many, many times. I cannot tell you how special I felt and I know that Monica did too. My husband also was very attentive, not allowing me to carry my back pack all day, and every time a cast member said, “Happy Birthday, Gerri”, so did he. In fact, one had an accent and my name sounded more like Jeddy than Gerri, so Dave had a good time calling me Jeddy all day. It was great fun to be so special for a day.

I highly recommend visiting Disney for your birthday and if you cannot do that, find a special way to celebrate. Dave jumped out of an airplane for a tandem-parachute ride. That wasn’t my idea of a good time, but when I turned fifty, several friends bought me the Richard Petty Driving Experience and I drove a real stock car 118.1 mph on an oval track. Wow, I still can remember the excitement of going that fast.

However you celebrate is up to you, but I truly feel like God wants us to grab the gusto in life. You don’t need an excuse to celebrate either. Perhaps this weekend, you can bake a cake, blow out the candles for no reason at all, other than life is great, and why not celebrate?

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