I am knee-deep in autumn housecleaning, thinking about tackling the bedroom next. Under the bed are several flat storage boxes containing hidden treasures. At some point I envisioned life without these mementos as not worth living! Right now, I cannot even remember what is in most of those boxes!

When do keepsakes become clutter?

When do valuables become space-thieves?

Last year, I knew that I wasn’t going to scuba dive any longer. I’d learned in my early forties, enjoyed hundreds of dives over a fifteen year span, but hadn’t used my gear in over two years. I loved diving while I was doing it, but as I matured, the thought of loading all that junk in the car, driving three hours to West Palm Beach, lugging it onto the boat, strapping twenty pounds of weight on my waist … ugh.

And then there was the return home, exhausted – rinsing, storing all that stuff and expensive annual equipment inspections. The awe of visiting colorful reefs and getting up close and personal with angel and puffer fish was replaced with the drudgery of preparation and putting-back.

My daughter-in-law now is the proud owner of all my gear! She’s still young, and the excitement will outweigh the drudgery for many years to come.

Space is becoming spiritual to me. I no longer want clutter in my life. There are boxes of read-books – why am I keeping them? Perhaps someone else will enjoy them as much as I did so off to the library they go! ThatAmanda Scuba Diving myriad of once ‘important papers’ have a date with the shredder. Beware to any dust bunnies that may be hiding behind long forgotten boxes – you are mine!

What clutter might be interfering with your spiritual space?

Posted on: September 22, 2010
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