BurglarI woke up to my usual morning routine, walking our two puppies. Most mornings we’ll see a neighbor or two. Today one carried some disheartening news – our very secure, gated, nobody-locks-doors community was burglarized last night. The bandits selected our quiet little street, stealing a neighbor’s golf cart and GPS. While lamenting his bad news, it occurred to me that I might check our unlocked vehicles. Sure enough, the GPS was missing from my car, and some pocket change from Dave’s.

Our monetary loss is slight, but it does not negate the myriad of feelings that come from being victimized. My false sense of security has been compromised; I feel angry, distracted. My plans for the usual morning bike ride are disrupted, as I wait for the deputy to come by and take our report. At this writing, we know of five neighbors who also suffered losses.

In the midst of my dismay, I also feel grateful. We are all safe, including the dogs (who also slept through the melee!) There have been nights where we’ve forgotten to lock the doors, but last night the house was secure! Our loss is less than $150. There is no damage to our property.

I wonder where that golf cart will turn up. Surely someone would have noticed, had the thieves tried to drive out the exit and the security guard. My guess is that it will be discovered along the community perimeter, near the Interstate highway which runs behind the golf course.

Tonight we’ll lock our cars and take the keys out of the golf cart. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

There would have been a day where I’d have binged over this, but not today. I’m surprised at how the idea of hitting the refrigerator has not even occurred to me. I did miss my bike ride, as it’s too warm now to get out there. I’ll have another opportunity tonight when it cools off again. Life goes on and we’re not much worse off for it. Nothing like a little excitement to help me appreciate what I do have in my life.

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