Grandparents uid 736109How many retirees are sitting in their easy chairs, flipping channels and wondering where their lives have gone? Will you be someone who looks back and regrets all the things you haven’t accomplished? Not me!

I highly suspect that no senior will be making the comment, “I wish I could have worked more. Forty hours a week just wasn’t enough.” Don’t get me wrong, when I had a fast-paced corporate  career, I put in an honest day’s work for my salary. Some days were longer than others, if deadlines loomed ahead. But when the work day was done, life was mine!

I know that in my golden years, I can look back and feel pride about publishing several books. When I tell others that I’m an author, the most common response is, “I’ve always wanted to write a book.”  This dream cannot happen until one actually picks up the pen, or in today’s environment, sits down at the computer.  Are you one of those people who always wanted to write a book too?

I fly frequently which gives us free airline tickets. Next week, Dave and I are heading to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta. I’ve always wanted to see this, but until we actually made the reservations, it couldn’t happen! As soon as two more comp tickets come through, we’ll plan a trip to a place we’ve never been. Our country has some fantastic sights – the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, San Francisco … what wonderful memories for my golden years.

I don’t have to hop on a plane to create memories – just a morning bike ride can be a visual treat. I’ve often seen deer, raccoons, an occasional bobcat and some gorgeous sunrises on my trek around the neighborhood.

Sometimes after dinner, Dave and I will drive over to Canaveral National Seashore and just walk. It’s a quiet beach and there have been occasions when we were the only visitors, save a sea gull or two. We don’t have to drive very far for a quiet, spiritual experience!

It is not too late to plan your future memories by living out your dreams today. Whether it is tap dance lessons, a new exercise program, a puppy or just a new recipe, grab hold of tomorrow’s fond recollections – today.

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