a5 a5 on road to make believe uid 79064Fairy tales can come true,

They cay happen to you,

If you’re young at heart …

Are you old enough to remember that tune? Does youth have anything to do with it?

With age, I feel less inclined to take the risks that accompany fairy tales. You know, the Snow White stories where she takes care of all those elves before Prince Charming finally comes along and rescues her. I am ready for the rescue-part but taking care of eight short guys? I don’t think so.

Placing old feet on the floor in the morning, and then kneeling on creaking knees to pray takes a bit more effort than it did even five years ago. The distance between fifty-six and sixty-one is much greater than twenty-six to thirty-one. I still would like to be part of the fairy tales in life! I’m not too old for that.

I read an article about Warrick Dunn – http://nfl.fanhouse.com/2010/08/21/warrick-dunn-making-dreams-come-true/.  He played football for the Tampa Bay Bucs and then the Atlanta Falcons. Now there’s a man who makes fairy tales come true! He started a foundation to help people buy homes, who otherwise couldn’t afford it. He’s made 99 fairy tales come true so far!

While I don’t have money to start a foundation like Warrick Dunn, what fairy tales could I help to make happen? It doesn’t have to be on a grand scale. Right here at home, I can do something nice for my husband, who is still in a cast from breaking his wrist last month. I know, I’ll fix his favorite dinner – a hamburger and French fries! There is always an opportunity to be giving to another, when we look for them.

Perhaps that the secret to staying young at heart, making fairy tales come true for others.

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