Mothers and Daughters uid 745832My Pollyanna was in high gear yesterday. It is sometimes challenging, but I try to find something good in everything. And it can often be a spiritual experience! I had several appointments in Orlando. I have a really cute pair of white Capri’s but don't I wear very often, because they are a perfect fit – so perfect that sometimes they are too tight! Well, I had a notion to wear them yesterday and they stretched out! Now they're comfortably loose. I came downstairs in them and my husband said, "Wow!" Nothing like a compliment from my hubby to make me feel like a million bucks. I had several errands in Orlando, the first a lunch appointment. I had a mishap with the white pants on the way … my car was burglarized some weeks back and the police dusted it for fingerprints. That black powder gets into everything. I thought I had it all out … wrong! There I was, walking into the restaurant looking like I forgot to do the laundry. Drat! So after lunch, I called Dave and explained my dilemma. He suggested that I go buy a new pair of pants, so I headed to a favorite store, where I know they regularly have 70% off racks. I not only found a beautiful pair of slacks (in safe black!), but also five really fantastic tops and spent … are you ready? $67.29 … Now THAT is a spiritual experience for sure! I am the QUEEN of bargains!  Lots of  good came out of that little challenge. Later, at home, it took some hand spotting and two runs through the washer, but I got the black spots out of the white pants too! I’m grateful, because I really like those britches! In my morning rushing to get out of the house, I forgot my packed dinner in the fridge. I weigh and measure most of my meals. For those of you who are new to my blog, I’ve lost over one hundred pounds and have maintained it for nearly seventeen years. ( Not to worry, I had time to slip into Whole Foods and order what I needed from the deli, and enjoyed some things I don't normally fix for myself. But geeze, $17 to get what I needed. That was almost double my lunch in a Chinese restaurant! It sure tasted good though. The next two appointments were fantastic. I met up with another author whom I haven't seen in at least a dozen years. She looks fantastic and her life is a total success story. We both were struggling back in the nineties and now we both are success stories. It was a great reunion. A bonus; her mother was a good friend but I lost contact with her. I'll also be reuniting with her soon. Next, off to the book store where I met my new web designer who's going to give my website a facelift. She and I agreed to some ideas and now I'm really excited. Over the weekend, my task will be to prepare the content for the new pages and we are off and running. So stay tuned for the grand unveiling in the near future! It was a great day, even with the spots on my pants and the expensive dinner. We can always find either the worst or the best in everything. Call it Pollyanna, but the positive spin can turn even the worst nightmares  into a spiritual phenomena!