Maya Angelou wrote "Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman." About six months ago, I found my at-the-time path to be less than fulfilling. The inspiration to help others seek a spiritual approach to life, business and relationships weighed heavily on my heart. Finally, with much courage, I stepped onto a brand-new path. Today I am a Certified Spiritual Coach, and by the end of the year, will have achieved the level of Master Coach through World Coach Institute. I now feel nurtured as a whole woman and the people in my life are benefiting from this change. If you've never experienced Spiritual Coaching, it  is not about religion. Rather, it is reframing our outlook on life, putting the welfare of others above our own self interests. The positive impact on every aspect of my life from this shift has been nothing short of miraculous! There has never been a better time to try a complimentary coaching session, to determine if your personal relationships or business would improve too. Stay tuned for more exciting changes. My website is getting a facelift and I'm offering some new, exciting coaching services that may work for you. IMAGINE … starting out 2011 without a New Year's resolution. That's my hope for you. How can you do that? By setting a goal NOW! On November 11, at 7 pm EST, attend a one hour workshop tele-conference and get ready to define your goal for the upcoming year. A goal without a plan to achieve it will never reach fruition, so we'll talk about the action steps you can take to get that goal on a roll! Keep your money in your wallet, because this is my gift. Invite your friends too. In the upcoming weeks, For more details and to register,please confirm by email. Just imagine, finally achieving your goals! We're bringing together four top coaches to share their expertise with you. In addition to this no-charge workshop, there'll be some great give aways for everyone who joins us! MEET THE COACHES! Jean Summit-Riker is a life coach, motivational speaker, consulting hypnotist, Reiki Master, Certified Laughter Leader and the author of “Forever Is Still a Long Long Time. She has a private practice in Patchogue, New York, where she works with small business owners, professional people and others helping them clear the clutter and false illusions they have of themselves.  She teaches them to use The Law of Attraction to tap into their genius potential and become conscious creators of the joy, happiness, business and personal success that is waiting to be set free. She does teleseminars, workshops, and seminars, as well as private and telephone sessions. Barbara Longsworth is a Professional Life Coach, Crisis Counselor and cancer survivor. Barbara lives with a rare life-threatening genetic illness, and is constantly looking for solutions to deal with it. She was held as a hostage during the Gulf War and dedicates her time to helping others to deal with crisis in their lives. Life Recovery Coach Joel Isenstadt has been in the corporate information systems profession for over twenty five years before migrating to the world of coaching, specializing in relationships and addictions. Joel’s vision is to partner with people as they prosper and tap into the abundance of the universe. He believes that we are capable of achieving all of our dreams, visions and goals, with an action plan and a nudge in the right direction. Gerri Helms is a Certified Spiritual Coach, and author of Trust God and Buy Broccoli,  e-journal Seasons of Spirituality and a contributing author to The ART of Grandparenting.  She conducts spiritual retreats, workshops and tele-conferences that encourage participants to take a spiritual approach to business, health, relationships and life. Gerri will join staff with World Coach Institute in 2011. To register for the November 11th workshop, email Gerri. Our coaches are offering e-books, podcasts and complimentary sessions to all who attend the workshop. You don't want to miss this!

Posted on: October 28, 2010
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