Sometimes the difference between a disaster and an adventure is attitude. What a great concept! I was once such a drama queen and everything was a disaster, leaving room for very few adventures in my life.  Gratefully, that thinking has shifted for me.

About ten years ago, Dave and I went on a camping adventure, aware of rain in the forecast. Instead of canceling, we headed for Super Walmart and picked up a couple of tarps. One we placed under the tent while stringing the other above, using tree branches to fasten it.  Our makeshift cover appeared to be secure and we  went to sleep, only to awaken during the night with the sound of a light drizzle. Thankfully, the tarps held and we slept well, snug and dry.

By morning, the drizzle had turned into a real downpour. We maneuvered the bottom tarp to prevent water from running into the tent. Success! As the day progressed, we found new opportunities to continue the adventure, laughing as a new trickle of water attempted to become a river through our outdoor domicile. Finally the rain ended and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend with a modicum of dampness!

We could have missed the adventure, had we decided to allow the weather to interfere with our plans. This easily could have become a disaster, had we not worked together and kept a good attitude. Today, I can look back on a fond memory.

I wonder what adventures we miss due to a negative attitude. And how many adventures become disasters when negativity blocks creative thinking? What about you – is there an adventure out there just waiting for you, or will you miss it, thinking it’s a disaster waiting to happen?

Posted on: November 2, 2010
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