The decorating commenced a few days ago, and will continue until the weekend, as the front of our home takes on a glow to revel the Griswalds’!  By the weekend, the living room will be adorned with several small fiber-optic trees and a plethora of lights, garland and holly. I love Christmas!

Our Atlanta kids are coming home on the 17th, and we’ll do a family day at Hollywood Studios, compliments of Dave’s part time job benefits as a Disney Cast member. Enjoying the Osborne lights has become a family tradition! We have decided not to exchange gifts with the adults this year. We all have plenty of stuff and really don’t need any new stuff.  Of course, the grandchildren are exempt and will have some packages to open!

Jingle Bells!Since Dave is scheduled to work on Christmas Day, I hope to take advantage of some frequent flyer points and spend a week in Pennsylvania with my eighty-nine year old parents.  I’ll sleep in my old bedroom, amid memories of Christmas past with my five brothers and sisters, waiting for Santa to arrive. I recall one year watching my dad draped tinsel on the tree, one strand at a time, while humming to Barbra Streisand version of Jingle Bells. I must have been around five or six that year.  I can picture it as though it was yesterday! I wonder what happened to that old nativity scene …

Commercialism has progressively overpowered this once-holy season. My grandmother complained loudly when department stores had the audacity to put out trees the day after Thanksgiving. She’s probably flipping in her grave as the back-to-school supplies are replaced with one-hundred twinkle bulbs for the low, low price of $5.99. And I’m guilty of decorating in early December too.

I’ll be looking for prospects over the holidays to discover new spiritual moments. I don’t have to run to church to catch them either – spiritual experiences are happening all around us when our hearts are open to receive them. And the greatest moments for me are when I have an occasion to give to others. The giving doesn’t necessarily mean a lavish gift; it’s more about getting out of my own self-centeredness and giving my time to others.  I can be kinder to my husband, helpful to a neighbor and attentive to the kids.

Perhaps you can create some new traditions this year, to replace the hectic pace that robs us of the true meaning of the holidays. Whatever that is for you, there’s spirituality to it, when your heart is open to it!

Posted on: December 2, 2010
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