How could a bunch of motorcycles cruising on a Sunday afternoon, bring me to tears? Well, thousands of bikers converge on the little town of Cocoa, FL, to ride and provide toys for underprivileged children, something happens to my heart.

As I watched tA Better Christmas!he endless stream of Choppers, Gold Wings, scooters and trikes parade by for over an hour, I recalled when I rode a few years ago, when I still owned my old 535 Yamaha Virago. I dressed in red for the holiday and affixed a Santa hat atop my helmet. Dave and I hooked up with our community motorcycle club and several of us joined in this fun community project. As we made our way down U.S. 1,  I watched people wave, and holler “Thank you!”, and thought of the enormity of what we were doing. I got misty-eyed then too.

The year before that, I rode with my friends Bonnie and Al Darrar. Al lost his battle with cancer a few weeks ago, and I cried a little for Bonnie as I know she must be missing her husband greatly.  When I think of her loss, I remind myself that I must be nicer to my own husband, for I never know how long we’ll get to enjoy each other’s company. I hope for a kajillion more years!  He’s the best!

I left the parade thinking that there is good in humanity. The news media prefers not to dwell on such a great event as the Toy Run; crime makes for greater sensationalism. Not for me today. I want to share with the world that thousands of good people, atop motorcycles of every imaginable shape, color and size, took time out of their busy holiday preparation to make sure that some kid has a good Christmas, who might not have otherwise. Yes, there is good in people and I saw it yesterday.

I didn’t get in on the bike run this year, but I won’t let Christmas slip by without finding a way to give to those who are not as fortunate as my family. It makes me feel good inside to help others. Perhaps you can also express your gratitude for all that you enjoy in your life by helping someone too. Giving to others is truly a spiritual experience!

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