There are twenty-three days left in 2010. In her blog, another friend recalled her goals for this year,  and it gave me pause to consider where I was with mine for 2010.

It is a habit of mine to make a dream board in January, and hang it where I can see it often, allowing me to stay on course with an action plan. I didn’t do that in January, so no wonder why I’m struggling to recall my goals! I did go back to my old journals and was able to glean my direction. Oddly enough, even without a rudder on my ship, I sailed through a few of my goals.

I had planned to further my education this year, to the highest level for life coaches, that of a Certified Master Coach. On Sunday I will have achieved that goal –and can put some more letters behind my name! I will also be credentialed to mentor other coaches and best of all, take my coaching practice in the direction I am lead to pursue, that of Spiritual mentoring! I am proud and excited to have cared enough about my work and clients to become an expert in the field.

I’m going for a do-over on the dream board for 2011! It is fun to bring my goals to life, through words and pictures. It’s not going to slip by me again!

So, on New Year’s Eve, I’m going to sponsor a dream board party, inviting friends to bring their magazines, glue sticks and posters to my house. We’ll  have a ‘pot luck’ dinner and then spread out on the dining room table, sip some sparkling water and dream of where we want to go in the coming months. Sounds like a perfect way to visualize our direction and keep on course!

Another goal was to publish a third book, a meditation journal. That happened too. Seasons of Spirituality was borne out of a conversation  with my husband, who suggested going the route of an e-book. That has some challenges, as a 365 page pdf document is cumbersome to download. To navigate those waters, I broke it down into twelve separate books, and download them to my list every month. It has been so much fun to find quotes from years of journals, coordinate them with art and typeset the pages with lines. I am not quite finished, but releasing it in October has given me the opportunity to share it with my readers while it’s still in creation!

Thank God, there was no crazy diet this year. Seventeen years ago, I vowed to never diet again and changed my lifestyle to support healthy eating choices. I’m maintaining over a 100 lb weight loss ever since.  I never have to make that doomed resolution again. Why, if you even look at the word, you can see it’s doomed to failure … DIE-et.

I won’t wait until the last minute this year – I have the twenty-three days to daydream and plan my annual life-trip.  On December 31st, I’ll have a more clear picture on where I want to go. Where do you want to go in the upcoming year? Good question, eh?

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  1. Hey Gerri! I did it! 🙂 I just finished my Vision Board(S). Yep, I did two! 🙂 Check them out on my Facebook wall. Girl, I am FIRED UP after finishing them. In fact, I am heading for the gym as soon as I finish this post. Come see my boards. I am loving this!

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishments, Gerri.

    When we achieve our dreams it makes us feel good and opens a pathway to receive more energy from our Creator. Those good feelings raise our frequency and are a vibrational match that allow The Universal Law of Attraction to bring more good things into our lives.

    As a life coach and consulting hypnotist, I work with my clients to create a vision board that’s not only fun to keep where it can be seen, but we create a vision within their mind where they can explore and experience it in their lives. It gives them the ability to try on many “outfits” until they find one that fits perfectly.

    It’s important to spend time getting to know our dreams clearly and intimately. It’s the road map that the Universe uses to bring them to us.

  3. Stay tuned, Cindy! I’ll be announcing on Facebook how we all can create our dream boards on New year’s eve!

  4. Gerri, thanks for this post!

    When I look back over 2010, I am finding myself just like you–I made my list of things that I wanted to do in my journal, but long, long ago, I put that journal away. I LOVE the idea of creating a Dream Board–especially in the next few weeks. What a super way to jump-start the year! Do you have any recommendations for how to make one? What do you use? I am going to make one with you!

    Love ya!

    OH! Congrats on your amazing achievement as a Certified Master Coach. What a great accomplishment for a super year!

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