I am reading a book entitled “Who’s That?” by Jana Waring, a great collection of interviews of  little reknown Orlando residents. Should you live somewhere other than Central Florida, it probably wouldn’t immediatly capture your attention, however it’s an interesting read; don’t let the demographics fool you.

The seventeen chapters feature a wide array of folks, each totally different from the others. Among them are a homeless woman, a tattoo artist, the wife of a millionaire and a gator wrestler. Jana demonstrates a unique talent of presenting the best in the people that she chose for the book.  I am amazed at the variety of colorful characters right in my own back yard!

I was particularly interested in the interview on page ninety-four, with a one-time performer at Sea World who was hurt on the job – broke her neck. She’s now a quadriplegic. I have never really known anyone who is confined to a wheelchair, and recently had the opportunity to meet this impressive young woman. Actually, it’s the author – Jana interviews herself!

Waring asks herself, “But you do seem so positive and you’re doing so many things …” She responds, “Well, that’s a choice I have to make. I could be happy or miserable but either way, I’m stuck in this chair. So I figured, I might as well make the best of it. Everyone has issues, mine are just very up front and in everyone’s face.”

Looking back on my life, would I be able to answer the same? Am I positive? Am I doing so many things? I may not be stuck in a chair, but I am stuck in my life. Am I making the best of it? My issues are not as ‘up front’ as Jana’s but nonetheless, they can be glaring when I resort to self-focused thinking.

Tonight I will make my dream board for 2011 – it’s a New Year’s Eve fun tradition that I’ve created for myself. You can keep the crazy bar scene; I’d prefer not to be out on the road with the amateur drink-and-drivers. I already have a vision in mind …

Finally it was time to put my education to use and exert some pent up creativity”, Jana reasons on why she started a blog. Both play a part in my plans for next year. I can’t let the whole cat out of the bag now, however – what will I blog about later?

Mostly though, I want to be more like Jana Waring. I see a young woman who’s oblivious to the obvious, moves ahead with her life as though there were no handicaps and grabs gusto as though it grows on trees. What impedes me is not in-your-face; perhaps the subtleties of my life are more of a handicap than her wheelchair.  I have the same choices as Jana, to be happy or miserable. I’m going with Jana – happy.

Posted on: December 31, 2010
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