Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing today and that’s good news for Atlanta, GA. The city has been crippled by six inches of snow. That’s not a big deal by northern standards; it snowed in Pennsylvania last Saturday while we were there and the roads were clear in a matter of hours. This city is not equipped to handle a freak storm. They occur only once every five or ten years, I’m told. Everyone is quick to point fingers, but the challenge starts way before the first snowflake falls to earth. Yesterday I got my haircut and Luanne, the hairdresser, had plenty to say about why the city is in this position. People consistently vote for minimal tax increases. Trucks, plows, salt, sand, gravel – it all costs money. Since I have a workshop here on Saturday, my husband and I decided to take an extended road trip to visit my family and work our way to Atlanta. This probably was not the best time to head north, considering that we’re long time, warm-blooded Floridians. Nonetheless, we’ve had a wonderful trip, with no weather delays until approaching Atlanta. The closer we got, the slower we moved, and the more we slid. Two hours later (to travel the last thirty miles), we arrived at our daughter’s home in Acworth. The grandkids have Wii. It was so fun yesterday to watch my husband bowl, golf and play tennis with his grandson. Last night, Cassie and Bradley were dancing with Michael Jackson. I had to stifle my laughter; they do not have moon walking, crotch clutching nor any other Thriller gyrations down and pat, and it was hysterically funny to see their stilted imitations. Later in the evening we played a game called Pictionary, where we tried to draw a word and everyone guess what we were drawing. More laughter and it feels so good for the soul. There are two ways to look at this. Stuck inside is one way to look at it. But we’d rather take the spiritual view, of bonding with our family, laughing and making the best of the situation. We were blessed with safe travels and a warm place to stay. We’ll be heading south soon enough, with great memories of time spent with family in Easton, PA, Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. What are your circumstances today? Are you stuck, or looking for the spirituality in your situation? It’s always a choice.

Posted on: January 14, 2011
Categories: Blog Posts