I’m getting ready for another road trip – A workshop in Charleston, SC. It’s a six hour drive but I have company this time, as a friend from Orlando is riding up with me. I’m not sure how many will attend the event, but I’m always so touched at the number of people are looking for a spiritual approach to life. Amazing – the executives and entrepreneurs that I’ve coached, who’ve switched their focus from the bottom line to a spiritual approach to business, see an increase in the bottom line. It hasn’t failed yet!

I love to hit the road. Dave and I motor-home frequently and that’s a great way to really see what’s going on, as I sit much higher in the RV. I’ll be driving my little 2-seater sports car on this trip, putting us much lower to the ground. And I’ll have to concentrate on the driving, rather than the scenery!

I discovered an interesting phenomenon some time back while on a trip with Dave. The trees go sailing by and I wasn’t really focused on much more than what appeared on the roadside. I found myself looking in-between trees, and downstream as we crossed bridges. Sometimes I’d catch a glimpse of a deer or fish jumping in the river! There’s another example of a little spiritual experience, because my heart was open to receive it.

I don’t know Jane very well; she’s a new friend. It will be fun to talk and get to know one another. I was once told that every person you meet in life has a gift for you, if your heart is open to receive it. Wonder what Jane will be giving me. I can give her the gift of listening.

Whether you’re hanging out, working or on a road trip yourself today, I hope that you have a spiritual experience too. It’s there, waiting for you, if your heart is open to receive it!

Posted on: March 25, 2011
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