Next month, I should get my first social security check. Amazing! I don’t feel sixty-two. What is sixty-two supposed to feel like?

I can remember the times in my life when I anticipated reaching a certain age. I couldn’t wait to be fifteen, so I could go to dances with my girlfriends. Sixteen brought my driver’s license and permission to go out with a boy in his car! Twenty-one, the magic age of transition to adulthood; I could vote and drink legally! Wow, such responsibilities. When I turned thirty-five, I could run for president, not that I ever aspired to try!

Turning half a century was a real feat! My friends chipped together and bought me the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Strapped into a real stock car, I rocketed my way into the fifties at 118 mph. It was one of the most amazing and exciting adventures that I could have dreamed of!

My greatest challenge was my weight. Like an elevator, it went up and down. Each diet contributed to a very temporary weight loss, followed by shooting up, to an even higher weight, until in 1993, I hit 248. My solution was to just quit weighing myself. Everything that mattered in life revolved around eating and food. I was so discouraged that I even thought about suicide.

Finally, I changed how I looked at food. No longer could it be a solution to problems, recreation or subject to whims. I discovered a formula for healthy living and it’s worked now for eighteen years.

It’s exciting to be sixty-two, healthy and enjoying life. I remember when I was eighteen – sixty-two seemed so old! It even sounded old at thirty … and forty. Somewhere in there, I learned to embrace the age that I am, and enjoy whatever life brings. Of course, there are a few aches that weren’t there last year, and naps seem like a good idea, but I’ll take my age now gladly, and look forward to that first social security check!

Posted on: August 29, 2011
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  1. Thanks, Jackie. Good living!

  2. An extra check is always nice:) And you look great Gerri…in fact you look younger now than you did in the other picture…

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