Diets don’t work, I’m firmly convinced of that.

Why? I hold this opinion because of my own experience with diets. My first one began at age 18, having gained a little weight while recuperating from knee surgery. If diets worked, I would have lost the 10 lbs, but instead, a cycle of weight gain-loss via diets was borne. I lost that 10 lbs using AIDS candies. They suggested eating one or two of the fudge, vanilla or caramel-flavored chewies with a cup of hot tea. I rarely could eat only one or two – soon all I was eating was the candy! I must have been consuming less calories than I was burning because I did lose that pesky ten pounds.

Then I gained it back, plus ten more. Next diet probably resulted in a 15 lb weight loss and a 30 lb gain. Three times in my eating career, I exceeded 200 lbs in weight. Each time, my prayer would change:

“God, please don’t let me hit 225”

“God, please don’t let me hit 250”

“Ugh, 248. I’m not going to weigh myself again.”

And then I went up two more dress sizes before I got serious about my weight, in 1993, after 25 years of yo-yo diets. Maybe they don’t work because the word nested in diet … die. Maybe they’re just doomed to failure.

I saw a picture of Kirstie Ally today. Her latest diet seems to have worked. I hope that this time she makes the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain that beautiful, new, healthy body of hers.

I think when you start feeling deprived, the diet is over. Or, if you feel like you ‘deserve’ a treat, the diet is over. I no longer diet. I don’t like ‘diet food’. I enjoy tasty, healthy meals and I don’t feel deprived. I made a really nice breakfast for myself this morning and am going out with friends for sushi tonight. I’ll eat a moderate amount of sushi, some edimame and a salad. Mostly, I’ll enjoy the company of my friends that I haven’t seen in quite a while. The restaurant will just provide us with a great place to talk and we can also enjoy a good meal while we visit.

When I made the transition from DIE-et to LIVE-it, all thoughts of deprivation vanished. I’m not deprived by my new eating habits; morbid obesity robbed of a full and active life. I no longer buy into the lies.

I feel really good today. I think I look pretty darn good too, for a 62 year old woman who’s not only lost over 100 lbs, but also chose not to surgery to get rid of the sags and bags. I’ll be great company at dinner tonight, focused on my husband, my friends and not my plate.

Die-ets dont’ work

Live-its do.

Posted on: September 16, 2011
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  1. I do look great, not just for your age!


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