There was a day when an article headline like that would have drawn me in. Comfort foods. Ahhh! I’d have read every word and probably clipped a few recipes.

That thinking catapulted me to 248 lbs, where all I could do was continue gorging on those comfort foods to the point of terrible discomfort. If I can read that poppycock about comfort food on the internet, so can our kids. I’m sure it’s a contributing factor to our epidemic morbid obesity in children. I wonder what we can do to change that thinking? The food industry will continue to pursue what sells, so I doubt if they’ll want to help.

I started out with investigating the internet, but found very little on comfort. Most of the articles pertained to grief, or intimate relationships. Looks like it’s an area where those of us who’ve battled morbid obesity must share our alternatives to comfort food.

Here’s my little part; creating a top ten comfort action list. Maybe it’s a start?

1. HUGS. I doubt if there is anything better than a hug, when I’m feeling lonely, sad, or just plain unlovable. According to,  “Hugging is a physical acknowledgment of the presence of another with the intention of expressing affection.”  I prefer the ‘full on’ hug, where people really put themselves into it, rather than the cursory ‘back pat’ approach.

2. GETTING OUT IN NATURE. Living in Florida affords me the opportunity to walk on the beach. I find the sound of the ocean so comforting. A quiet morning walk in the woods can be equally as comforting.

3. EXERCISE. What a great stress-buster! I feel so much better after a nice bike ride or just walking the dogs.  Several years ago, I received some bad news – our daughter had miscarried. Instead of digging into food, I hopped on my bike and just rode. I still felt very sad, but I doubt if a pile of food would have made me feel any better.

4. PHONE CALL. This is the day of email and texting, promoting isolation. I love when the phone rings, and it’s a friend who’s just been thinking about me. Sometimes I’ll just call one of my sisters and chat for a while. I always feel so good after that.

5. WRITING. I journal every day. It is a great way to get my feelings out. As I write, whatever troubles me is released onto the paper and I do feel comforted! I don’t have to eat over feelings.

6. PRAY. There is great hope for me, knowing that I have a God that cares about me. People can let me down, but my faith is consistent. I know that God is there for me, whenever I reach out in prayer.

7. HELP SOMEBODY! It feels like I need comfort when I’m too focused on myself. That’s when I need to help someone else. It can be as simple as leaving a closer parking space for someone else, or letting the guy who only has three items step in front of me at the grocery check-out.

8. NAP. I actually took a little nap today. I love to fluff up a couple of pillows, snuggle down on the couch  and just drift off.

9. PET YOUR PUP. We have two dogs – Snickerdoodle and Pooh Bear. I can count on one of them to snuggle almost any time. Dogs exhibit unconditional love. Even if we step out for a few minutes, they’ll greet us like we’ve been gone for years.

10. MAKE SOMETHING. I crochet, and have made many beautiful scarves and blankets for people! Right now I’m making granny-square leg blankets as a fund raiser for my volunteer organization. Friends have contributed their left over yarn, making for a colorful gift!

Perhaps you can share some things you do for comfort, other than eating. We CAN make a difference. Food is not comfort. For many of us, who took that kind of eating to grand proportions, it’s anything but comfort!

Posted on: September 17, 2011
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  1. That’s great you can groom your dog. I groom mine too, but alas, it’s not a comfort. They’re not crazy about me fussing with them.

  2. I’m a Mac N Cheese girls myself, and I do indulge sometimes still – but not for comfort. Just when I have a sincere craving. For comfort I groom the pooch. Brushing and trimming and clipping my little miniature dog calms me and comforts me knowing that I can take care of at least someone.

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