What inspires me? Sometimes I’ll wake up a little achy. You know, a little arthritis, some sore muscles from a new exercise. But after watching this video about Emmanuel Kelly, I’ll think twice before complaining. Emmauel Kelly was abandoned by his parents – left in a shoe box in Bagdad. He and his brother were born without arms and legs, resulting from chemical warfare. He was adopted, raised in Melbourne, Australia and is living what could be described as a normal life today; as normal as it could be for someone who’s had such a rough start at life. I’m also inspired by Jana Waring. A downtown Orlando resident, Jana is known and loved by everyone she meets. Her life drastically changed through an injury. She once told me that although she is confined to a wheel chair, whether or not to live life happy was a choice and she chooses to be happy. And just being around her makes me happy too. While life has not dealt him a blow, Sean Anderson also is my hero. His first book Transformation Road-My Trip to Over 500 Pounds and Back will be released by late November. I 'met' Sean when AOL picked up his blog, a daily diary he kept on his journey from 505 lbs to a healthy body weight!  He just employed practical eating habits and gave up the massive amounts of calories that it takes to achieve morbid obesity. Sean continues to  inspire thousands of people every day, with his blog and daily inspirations on Facebook. By the way, Sean has lost his weight the conventional way – eating less; no bypass surgery When people like Emmanuel, Jana and Sean touch our lives, we have a choice to just go on as we are, or strive to be the very best person we can be. I just want to get out of my cheap little self and do something, make a difference, help someone. I don’t want to settle for mediocrity. I want to be the very best I can be. What inspires you?