Next week, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. For many, it will be a day of excess food, but they go right back to healthy eating on Black Friday! I can’t over indulge. When I binge, it starts a cycle of over eating, and I go out of control again. So my best bet is to not start something I cannot finish.


Where’d that concept of stuffing ourselves come from anyway?  “Most people tend to overeat at Thanksgiving, simply because they don’t want to give up the traditional foods,” says Christy Shatlock, MS/RD. Growing up, my mother prepared some wonderful traditional foods; her stuffing was famous! Unlike my siblings, who enjoyed a spoonful or two, I had to gorge myself and was totally miserable the next day. Despite the misery, the food-fest continued and I’d gain weight at rapid pace.


Most of my family will be converging on my sister’s farm in North Carolina. Dave and I will be here, doggie sitting for our son’s St. Bernard while he’s on a cruise with his lovely girlfriend, Jana. We had planned to celebrate with Jason, the middle son, but his Navy tour of duty has been extended until next summer.  Now it looks like our celebration will be Dave, me and the three dogs!


While I’m going to cook a turkey and all the trimmings, I can’t help but think about the actual word Thanksgiving. I don’t see food mentioned in it at all. What I do see is Thanks and Giving!


If you are in the Titusville area and want to come to dinner with us, let me know! I’m serious! I am so thankful for a cozy and beautiful home,  my wonderful husband and want to share that with those who may otherwise be alone. Oh, don’t worry … my healthy eating doesn’t equate to boring food. I’ll be preparing some of Dave’s favorites that I don’t necessarily eat.


So there you have it – an opportunity to be thankful and giving. That feels like it’s in harmony with this holiday.  How might you make this day about something other than food? And football. Don’t forget football. Undefeated Green Bay will be traveling to Detroit to play the Lions! That’s a good way to start an all day football marathon, 3 games in total!


I’m off my pity-pot about being ‘alone’ for Thanksgiving! The man God sent for me to spoil will be here with me. Between him, the dogs and anyone else who may accept my invitation for dinner, I certainly do have a lot to be grateful for!


Posted on: November 15, 2011
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