You know how I love to reframe my thinking.

A friend was chastising herself today for sleeping in, calling it a waste of time. I cannot look at it that way. If my body cries for more rest, how can that be a waste of time?

I didn’t feel well on Friday night, but had a morning date with a friend for breakfast. That meant I’d need to get up at 6, get ready and drive to Orlando. I knew my friend would be disappointed if I asked for a rain check, but I decided to honor my body’s message – get some more rest. So I went to bed early and slept inordinately late for me – to 8 o’clock! And I felt worlds better than when I retired.

A bonus too! Dave and I stayed in bed and talked for another hour. What a beautiful gift to give myself! I’m usually up at the crack of dawn, hopping on either the bike or the computer. Dave rarely gets out of bed before nine and we’re quasi-retired.

The rest of the day with Dave was amazing. We didn’t do anything special, but the time we spent together certainly was. We went for a leisurely bike ride, took down our outside Christmas decorations, drove the dogs to “Bark Park” so they could play with the other pupsters, and went to Mass at 4:30. It was a blessed day.

We were given a nice restaurant gift certificate for Christmas and decided to use it on New Year’s Eve. The wait wasn’t bad at all, and I ordered a more expensive dish that I normally wouldn’t have. We skipped all the drinking and night clubbing to enjoy an evening at home together, with some football and the traditional watching the ball fall in NYC with Dick Clark.

After fighting the urge to doze off in my chair, I again chose to listen to my body and we retired about half an hour before the stroke of midnight. Alas, I couldn’t manage to keep my eyes open and minutes from 2012 making it’s entrance, I fell asleep again.

Fortunately, Dave was awake and as the world ushered in a new year, he woke me up with my first kiss of 2012. It was a sweet way to welcome a time of hope and anticipation. And you guessed it; I immediately fell back to sleep.

So, if your body is telling you that it needs more rest, I hope you can reframe your thinking too, from a waste of time, to sheer decadence! Sleeping-in is a real gift, when we change how we look at it.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? I resolve to blog more frequently. My goal is doomed without an action plan, so I’m going to make a list of topics that are dear to my heart, and give that resolution more of a chance of success.

What might you do this year, to re-frame your thinking and honor what your body needs?

Posted on: January 1, 2012
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