I often tell my clients, “Quote yourself; you’ll never become famous by quoting someone else.” Of course, not everyone wants to be famous and there have been a quote or two that have been life changing for me.

I’m enroute to Los Angeles, waiting in Albuquerque for a connecting flight. The flight here was uneventful, save a rather restless passenger behind me. Perhaps he was listening to some great song on his I-whatever, keeping beat on the tray table – which extends from my seat. I found myself becoming irritated, wanting to turn around and politely ask him to knock it off. It was annoying.

Wayne Dyer’s quote came to mind, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” .  Gosh, why didn’t I think of that first?

But, it did come to mind and I wondered how I could change the way I perceived the constant jarring. I was blowing it way out of proportion by allowing it to become an aggravation.  Maybe it was his way of just letting me know he was back there, so I’d not feel alone.

Tadum!  I was instantly transformed. I didn’t have to be an irritated old shrew; I was once again, the nice lady from Titusville, just flying to Los Angeles with about 90 other people, one of which was unintentionally communing with me.

I wonder if I’ll be so blessed on the second leg of my journey. The nice thing about Southwest Airlines (in addition to no charge for bags or changing your flight) is that I can pick my seat. Perhaps I’ll search out a friendly looking soul with which I can share the ride. I’ve really met some nice people that way. And if the person who sits behind me wants to let me know they’re there, I’ll welcome the unknown hello and smile when I visit the restroom!

Gosh, this whole thing could turn into a spiritual experience. Thanks, Wayne!

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  1. Very true, Gerri! Enjoying the journey of life includes not sweating the small stuff!

    Hey Judy, did you wave at me as I flew over Texas? I’m changing planes on Sunday in Austin!

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