International Coaching week started on Sunday. I was thinking about it this morning, remembering back in 2005 when I burned out on my well-paying management job. I understood the meaning of ‘going postal’, knowing that if I had to look forward to doing that work for the next ten or twenty years, I could have done bodily harm to a client!

Having no idea of what was on my career horizon, I gave a nine month notice to the board of directors, that I wouldn’t be renewing my contract at the end of the year. Now what? I prayed, asking God to show me how I could be of service to Him and to people, while still earning a decent living.

Within a few weeks of giving notice, one of my good friends sent me a link to a life coach’s website. I had never heard of coaching before, and figured it was probably one of those new-age California gimmicks. Lo and behold, that coach lived less than thirty minutes from me; could my quiet, little Brevard County, Florida be that progressive?
Lorraine Edey became my coach, introducing me to the exciting world of coaching. I took the prescribed classes and soon was working with clients of my own.

“What are your goals?” Coach Lorraine queried during one of our sessions. I shared that I always wanted to write a book. I soon discovered that if I waited for inspiration, that book would remain a figment of my imagination. Coach Lorraine inspired me to develop an action plan, and take the steps to putting that book on the market. It took a year, but soon I was signing copies of Trust God and Buy Broccoli, A Spiritual Approach to Weight Loss. My dream became a goal, because I spent the money on me, to hire a coach and take some action!

During this week, International Coaching Week, I challenge you to really think about your dreams and what you might do to make them a reality. Go visit the International Coach Federation or World Coach Institute’s Website and pick someone who resonates with you. Check out their website. Send them an email and ask for a complimentary session. Don’t go to your grave with dreams that never materialized because you didn’t know how to get them off the ground.

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