Wow, in one week from today, we’ll be singing that Willie Nelson tune, “On the Road Again,” as we embark on a six month adventure in our motor home.

When we were deciding to upgrade from a 32’ to a nearly 40’ two years ago, I told Dave that unless he really intended to retire from Disney, we should keep what we have. He assured me that once his 15 years of service was official, he could qualify for his lifetime gate pass and would turn in his costumes. That happened last week and now we’re packing up our little abode on wheels.

There’s food in the cupboard that I don’t intend to bring, so lots will be thrown out. And what a terrible time to get a mouse in the house! So far he’s not interested in the goodies on the conventional traps, preferring our popcorn, bagels and Hershey kisses. I’ve called in the big guns, a professional exterminator but so far his solution isn’t working any better than mine. We’ve tried peanut butter, snickers bars, tootsie rolls and still no luck. If we don’t get him before we leave, I’ll put out some poison but hope that we don’t have to resort to that.

Planning for a six month hiatus is challenging. We’ll mostly need summer clothes, but will also run into cooler fall weather. I teach for World Coach Institute, so the books will need to come along, as well as my own published books. You never know when I might have an opportunity for a book signing along the way. I’m a life coach, and it’s also mobile; I’ll be coaching from the coach!

I am hoping to share unusual reflections with this blog, so don’t look for any, “Today we drove how-many-miles-and-saw.” I’m more interested in reflecting on how it feels to share a 40’ habitat with my sweet husband and two fur babies. I want to look for more than the usual tourist traps and really see America, it’s people and unique experiences.

I’ll be bringing my 3 wheel recumbent too – there’s nothing like starting my day out with a good ride. I’ll also continue to eat healthy – I have a digital scale in my RV kitchen and plan to use it too. I’m not bringing my bathroom scale – if I weigh my food, I shouldn’t have to weigh my body.

We’re going to be in the Southeast for most of the trip. Perhaps you live along the way and perhaps I can plan a visit with you? I hope to meet lots of new friends along the way. I’ll keep you posted on our itinerary and who knows? We may be sipping a Starbucks together in the very near future!

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