I didn't expect tenants while we are gone this summer. the mouse (or mice, I'm thinking) are still not hopping onto the variety of traps we've set, including a super-dooper sticky pad from the pest exterminator. I thought I'd spend the next six days planning on what I'm taking on the trip, moving clothes and stuff out to the RV but instead, I'm fretting about mice. "Here I come to save the day … that means that Mighty Mouse, is on the way!" The cartoon character was my hero, but this uninvited guest is not going to be here while I'm gone. Tomorrow it's pellet time. I talked to my sister, Sandy who lives on a farm in North Carolina. She is an expert on mice and said that pellets are the way to go.  Tomorrow I"m scrubbing the place down and try to locate any nests. This resident rodent is resilient, but I'm rising to the occasion and closing down the mouse-motel. Man, this just sucks! Six days to go and counting. This is not my idea of a spiritual experience. Someday I'll look back and laugh about this. Timing is everything.