Getting out on the road again isn’t for sissies.  We’ve been deliberating for weeks about what to take and what stays behind. This is an opportunity for discussion with one’s spouse. We did really well – no arguments and best of all, several offers to help!  You should see the carpet – Dave cleaned them and the place looks brand new! Well, it’s not that old but its funny how you don’t notice how dirty a carpet really is until you empty the water out of the machine.

You’ve no idea what things weigh until you start toting them from your home to your home on wheels. My back is sore this morning and I still have lots to carry out there today. Maybe I can get a massage on Tuesday. Boy, wouldn’t that be nice?

While Dave shampooed rugs, I cleaned on the inside, and found where the mice had taken up residence, in a small wicker dresser in our foyer. They ruined an expensive pair of bike-riding gloves. I put on a pair of rubber gloves and pitched everything in the drawers, scrubbed them down and left Mighty Mouse and friends a nice snack of poison pellets.Bon A Petit!  The only evidence of their visits last night was a ‘present’ on one of the sticky traps the pest control guy installed. Such smart rodents. But he who laughs last, laughs best, and I intend that to be ME!

Pooh Bear & Snickerdoodle

The dogs are a little freaked out, especially Snickerdoodle. She always get nervous when the suitcases come out, but now to see us toting baskets of clothes and stuff out the door, she’s as insecure as she could be. So the dogs need lots of extra TLC too.  Too bad that they can’t at least carry their own stuff out there – guess that’s too much to ask. They love to sit in the windows and watch life go by when we’re on the road, their favorite place being the dashboard while we’re driving.

When I finally sat down last night, I kept thinking of things I’ve not packed yet, like my bathing suit and some pajamas. Guess I better make a list today. Dave’s organized all the exterior compartments and informs me that we have lots of room for anything I want to take along.

Today I’ve got to stop over and visit with Julia and Chuck who will be our house-tenders. I’m glad that we have someone reliable who will keep an eye on the place while we’re gone. Our kids may pop in over the summer. Won’t they be disappointed to discover that we’ve disconnected the internet and are taking the satellite dish receiver. They might have to do something very old fashioned, like read! LOL. Jason will also be returning from his overseas assignment with the Navy and may stay here for a bit also, while he figures out what to do with his life.

It’s getting down to the wire – we’ll be heading out on Wednesday. That’s five more days. We saw one of our neighbors yesterday and said good-bye, just in case we don’t see them before lift-off! I’m going to start a list just as soon as I finish here, for the sniglets that keep popping into my mind of some other thing I just have to do before we leave.

“I just can’t wait to get on the road again.” It truly is a spiritual experience …

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