Wow, we’re 24 hours from take off! Today will be busy, putting last minute things into the RV and readying the house for a 6 month hiatus. Our kids will be popping in from time to time, and we’ve arranged for some friends who live nearby to check on the house periodically. They’ll collect our mail too, pitch the junk and hold the ‘good stuff’, if there is any. I think that all of our bills now arrive electronically and my clients all pay me online. I do want my absentee ballot when it arrives. Gotta uphold my civic duty!

Getting ready for a trip like this is new for us. Thank God for Walmart – whatever I forget is easily purchased so I’m not too anal in this last day of preparation. I’ve got a dentist appointment this morning and will work with a client a little later this morning. I’m devoting the afternoon to clearing out the fridge and last minute things. Tomorrow all I’ll need to do is take a shower, wash the linens and away we go!

On Thursday at 1 pm EST, I’ll be on the Dr. Melanie Barton show with fellow author Sean Anderson. We’ll talk about both our journeys from obesity to healthy bodies. If you haven’t read Sean’s book yet, it’s a bell ringer; reads more like a murder mystery than a self-help book. Yes, we can murder ourselves with food. It’s not as fast as a gun or a sword, but many of us stab at good health daily, with our weapon of choice being a fork! We’ll be all set up in Kings Bay, GA by then so I can call in to the show with no problem.

So my next blog will actually be on the road. I have an air card for my computer and plan to type right up Interstate 95! Hope you’ll join me for the next six months of adventure.

Posted on: May 15, 2012
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  1. Yes, I am looking forward to Dr. Melanie’s show too. I’ve been a guest there before and she’s a great host! Here’s the link so our friends can hear the show live or listen later!

  2. Gerri! I’m really looking forward to doing Dr. Melanie’s show with you! Excited! Have a wonderful trip–Pictures! 😉

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