Traveling in an RV is a good test for how strong your relationship might be. This morning Dave got up and said, “I think this is going to work.”
“what is going to work?

“Being in this RV with you for six months is going to work.”

We had a lovely first day together, driving from Titusville to Kings Bay Submarine Base, in St. Marys, GA. We have a very nice lot, overlooking the lake. It’s peaceful, quiet and very safe. Both of us had to show our military ID’s in order to drive onto the base, and the guards have guns!

Where was that guard when we were packing up this week and discovered that another GPS is missing. We had one in both our cars and the one from Dave’s car was missing.  At least it was the one that I liked the least.

Dave has checked out what’s around here and we plan on driving to Brunswick to explore the city this week. Sounds like a fun place to explore. He also found some info on kayaking so we’ll check that out too. Our goal on this trip is to check out local places and see some of this beautiful country of ours. I have done a lot of traveling outside the country for the last few years and I’m looking forward to planting my feet on USA soil for a while. What better way than in a motor home?

You know we dealt with mice in our house last week and I think I cured the problem before we left. My good friend, Julia is checking on our house and if it becomes evident that the mice are still there, she’ll work with our pest control guy to get them out. So I’m not worried about it. I was starting to wonder however, if Mother Nature had put out a message that the Helms’ were critter friendly. On Tuesday, Dave opened the door to the RV and in flew two little birds. He convinced one to leave right away but the other became disoriented and avoided the door. It took both of us shooing the little chickadee with towels to get her tired enough to fly low and find the door. That’s team work, but I’m hoping that it isn’t a test for future animal adventures! Glad they both found freedom with a minimum of anxiety.

I do have some work today –  a radio show at 1 pm EST, if you can really call that work. Its really a lot of fun being a guest on radio shows! Tune in if you are so inclined. It should be fun. I’ve not any more work then until Tuesday so we can make our plans to play for a few days.

I want to check out the exercise facility here on the base – no bike riding without a helmet and I really don’t want to buy one for just a week. I don’t really need one on a 3 wheel recumbent so it’ll stay hanging on the back of the coach for now. We’ll be in Yemesee, SC next week and hopefully there’ll be places that I can exercise on my bike. I really prefer being out in nature instead of in a gym.

You know, I’m a Certified Spiritual Coach, and what’s that have to do with RVing? Well, there’s spirituality all around us, when our hearts are open to it. Last night when Dave walked the dogs, he called me outside, and there stood a deer, off in the distance by the lake looking back at him. It was a quiet moment, and I appreciated my life so much at that moment.

When you concentrate on what you have and not worry about what you don’t have, life really is a spiritual experience.

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  1. We are meeting up with Vivian Kish (she used to live in Orlando) for dinner tonight in Brunswick, will go over early to explore. It’s a little chilly, overcast day today and we’ve actually put on the little heater-fireplace in the RV. This is so fun, Beverly. I feel so blessed to be doing this trip with my sweet husband and fur babies.

  2. We love Brunswick ~ it’s very close to St. Simon’s Island which makes for a beautiful drive. We stayed in Brunswick a couple of weeks ago on our way back from Asheville. Enjoy.

  3. It really is a dream come true, Cindy Ellen! I love spending time with Dave and seeing this beautiful country of ours!

  4. yeah! you’re doing it! live that dream!

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