Brrr! It’s a little chilly here in St. Marys, GA this morning. We had a heavy rainstorm last night and it’s still overcast and damp this morning. Undaunted, I grabbed a sweatshirt, my helmet and headed out for a delightful one hour bike ride! The base has some great bike/walking paths, with lots to see. We’re on a submarine base, so there’s some interesting ‘architecture’ in addition to the woods and wildlife.  Who says that exercise can’t be fun? I like to do a little meditation while I ride, breathing in God and exhaling out any stress, bad thoughts or whatever might be troubling me. We are nestled in the woods, with lots of little lakes and bridges, and I returned with a light heart and a clear head. I had the idea that I would like to drop a few more pounds and get in great shape this summer, so the exercise is in harmony with that goal. The bike makes it fun and something to look forward to, rather than dreading the “E” word.

When I returned from the bike ride, Dave and the dogs were up. I made a pot of coffee and a nice, healthy breakfast. We actually donned some sweatshirts and turned on the little fireplace/heater in the living area. We’re only a few hundred miles from Titusville but already enjoying some cooler weather.

We didn’t do too much yesterday, mostly just explored the base and set up stuff in the RV. We’ve brought lots of books to read and some yarn to crochet a few things. I also have that murder mystery I started writing about a year ago, but had to set aside because life got too big. Now I’m inspired again and ready to bring that thing to life. When I tell people that I’m an author, they often respond with, “I’ve always wanted to write a book.” I’ve discovered that in order to make that happen, one must actually sit down and write. I am eternally grateful to my coach, Lorraine Edey for encouraging me to turn that dream into a goal with an action plan!

I had fun yesterday on Dr. Melanie’s radio show with my friend and fellow author, Sean Anderson. I really enjoy being a guest on the radio! Sean was great too! He and I have been talking about a joint project – a cookbook that features recipes from people who’ve also survived and recovered from morbid obesity. That’s still in the talking phase but it could come to life by the end of the summer!

Dave and I will drive up to Brunswick later today, check out the city and meet my friend Vivian for dinner. Viv and I were friends when we both lived in Orlando back in the 90’s and have rediscovered one another via a mutual friend. We caught up last year on a weekend excursion in our RV so it will be good to connect once again. I’m getting in touch with friends along our route to visit while we’re nearby. I will be heading to Columbia, SC for a day to see some friends while we are parked in Yemessee, SC for our next leg of the trip.

The view from our RV is nice – the lake is picturesque and at night there’s some wildlife. Dave saw a deer two nights ago; reminds me of home. We’ve rushed around for so much of our lives, working and trying to get ahead, that now it is so wonderful to just slow down, breathe in God and relax. It truly is a spiritual experience!

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