Our daughter Dana has a friend who works here at Kingsland Naval Station and he arranged for us to tour the USS Wyoming  on Saturday. What an exciting adventure that was! Sorry that I won’t have any original picture of this nuclear submarine, but cameras and cell phones that act like cameras are both prohibited.

We were given special badges, which enabled us to pass three security checkpoints to start our tour. An enthusiastic young sailor was our escort and explained the 3 of 4 levels that we were authorized to view. He was very informative and we both asked a lot of questions. “I’m sorry, but that’s classified” was the answer to several of them, as were the radio and nuclear engine areas.

I sure was grateful to have maintained a 100 pound weight loss for 19 years, because I’d never have fit through some of the small stairway entrances, had I still weighed over 250 lbs. I was afraid that I’d feel claustrophobic; even though it was tight quarters, I never felt anxious. It was amazing to learn that the crew stays on board for three months with no outward contact with the world. Our tour guide was only 25, with four little ones at home. Thanks to all the wonderful young men and women who serve our country and protect our freedom. I will long remember my visit on the USS Wyoming.

Before depositing us at the RV park, Ron gave us two commemorative medallions of the USS Wyoming and I will cherish them. I hope to find a good frame with  which to put these very special coins. Again, thanks to Ron Hatch for arranging this wonderful memory for us.

We also took a ride over to St. Marys on Saturday and strolled along the pier. It was a beautiful day, able to put the top down on the car and Dave got a little sunburn on his ears! He finds the most interesting people to talk with. Two young men were fishing off the pier and he spent about half an hour talking about living on bases. (for those of you who don’t know, Dave’s retired from the Air Force).

On Sunday we drove up to Jeckyll and St. Simons Islands after Mass, did a little window shopping, but that was cut short by a downpour, probably from the first tropical storm of the year which popped up over the coast of North Carolina. Amazing; we leave Florida, the hurricane capital of the world and a tropical storm tails us up here to Georgia. Go figure.  I find that my desire to shop til I drop has been greatly curtailed, when I remember that we’re in an RV and whatever I bring back here has to go somewhere. I didn’t see anything that really called me, so I came home empty handed. Nothing wrong with that.

This trip truly has been a spiritual experience. One of the songs in church this morning had a verse that intrigued me: “Would your life attract or scare?” I hope my life would attract others. There’s been many a day when I probably was pretty scary but I feel much more humble and open to the Goodness of Life. I also read a quote from Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depths of our hearts.” Listening is truly the hard part. But I’ve come to discover that my will is limiting and God’s will means abundance. I want it all!

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