The sun! The sun! We’ve had two days of non-stop, pouring down, peppering on our tin roof rain. Good-bye and good riddance, Beryl. “We need the rain.” I don’t care! The self-centered side of me wanted to go out and play! We’re on a six month adventure in our RV, remember? I can only read so many books, play so many games of Canasta and crochet so many rows of a poncho before feeling like I need to get out and smell some fresh air.

At times it was quite loud, as heavier bands of rain pelted our RV, creating a pleasant, then annoying percussion. I left my hearing-aids in the box; sometimes I just don’t want to hear all that bombards our audio senses, but then I had to say, “What?” to Dave a number of times. Yes, I was pretty self-centered!

Dave and the dogs took several naps. I might have dozed off a time or two myself, if the truth be told. They’re out for a walk right now, while I take some quiet time to capture my thoughts in this blog and then I’m hoping to jump on my bike for some sorely needed exercise.

We’ve decided to just do a short trip today, check out an RV dealership down the road. No, don’t worry, we’re not in the market for a new rig – I love my home-on-wheels. But there are a few items we want to check on, like some covers for our vents in the bathroom and kitchen. We cannot open them in the rain at present. I’ve seen covers on other RV’s so we’ll check that out today, after lunch.

Tomorrow we going to drive over to Hilton Head, to visit some friends and maybe have dinner on the island. We still have two weeks in Yemassee, and plan to visit Charleston one day. There’s a tour of Fort Sumter that we’ll probably check out too. Savannah is only an hour drive to our south; lots to do and we’ve plenty of time to do it.
We’re still waiting to hear from Jason, who should be in-route back to the United States from a 14 month deployment with the Navy in Dubai. I hope he is within a day’s drive of us so we can go to see him. How appropriate that he should be traveling home on or about Memorial Day.

I didn’t do any mindless eating while a captive of the rain; I am sticking to my food plan and that feels like integrity.  Some people can do some extra snacking when bored, but I’m not one of them. A cookie quickly leads to a bag of cookies and morbid obesity. In 1987, I went from a size ten to a size sixteen in three months, and it all started with a cookie. One bite does hurt some people and I’m one of them. Besides, it feels very spiritual for me to stick to my food plan. I don’t make a god out of food like I did in the past. If it could solve problems for me, I’d just go right out there to the kitchen now, get down on my knees and pray to the fridge.

That’s about it for now. I’m sure there’ll be some fun stuff to write about later in the week.

4 Responses to Reflections from an RV 05/30/12
  1. Actually that’s a omlette! LOL. I’m happy to share any of my recipes. That omlet had mushrooms, spinach, feta and egg beaters, topped with a little salsa! The easiest way to get most of my recipes is my book, “Trust God and Buy Broccoli.” It’s available on my website, and now on Kindle and Nook!

    Karen, I tried to sign up for your blog but it never went through.

  2. Gerri, the photo of the pizza looks delish. Do you share the recipe? I love your blogging and now am following. I am just learning the blogging system and have a ways to go. If you’d like to look at my attempts…

    People are having problems leaving comments on mine so I don’t know what’s wrong. Perry has no problem because I set it up for him 🙂

    Hope you and Dave are still enjoying Yemassee. It seems so long ago we were there but it was just yesterday morning. It was an eventful trip to Advance, NC.

  3. Thanks for the invitation, Betty. Perhaps we can spend some time with you and Gary before we head back to Yemassee. Your place sounds wonderful. It was really wonderful to talk with you today!

  4. Gerri my phone number is 803-359-6689. Did not hear back from you about staying in your mobil on our property during your travels. Hilton Head is the bomb-we love it hope you enjoy your stay now that Bery lhas passed. Let me know when you are coming to Columbis. Heard about the get together in Columbia Lexington is about 30 minutes from that location or you may already have a place to stay. Gary has just finised a gazebo for our deck and has a new return something or other to replace on the pool today and we will be ready to enjoy a few 90 plus days will warm it perfectly. Have not talked to Mary Langston, hope she will be in town when you are here.

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