I’m an early riser; by 6 you’d find me on my bike for an hour’s ride. Since we’ve gone on the road, I’m sleeping until nearly 8 most mornings. How’s that for relaxed?

So, I’m starting a bit later, but still really enjoying my morning exercise. Pooh Bear likes to ride on the back with me, as you can see. I plug in Run keeper on my cell phone and can track my time, distance and calories burned! It’s a great way to start my day.

Last night when we returned from Hilton Head, a doe and her very new, wobbly-legged fawn were standing right in the middle of the road, not far from the entrance to the RV park. Mama deer immediately bolted into the safety of the woods but the little guy was your proverbial ‘deer in the headlights.’ We waited for him to move and finally he bounded away, but chose the pavement instead of ducking off into the brush, running ahead of us for about 50’. In hindsight, wish I’d thought to turn off my lights. Poor little guy slipped several times but finally turned right and disappeared in-between the trees.

What luck! This morning on our ride, Pooh and I spotted another young fawn in the road. He immediately darted about 20’ away, turned and stared me down long enough for a picture! Looks like the only thing which was currently growing on him was his ears! Getting to visit Mother Nature is truly a spiritual experience for me.

I also felt a part of history when I saw this sign – I was riding my bike along a very route used during the American Revolutionary! There are many historical site signs along the roads here. We stop when it’s safe to pull over. Much easier to do while I’m out on my bike.

Today we drove to Walterboro, about 30 miles from our park. The draw was signs along Interstate 95 for several antique stores. While we’re not into antiques, we figured it may be an artsy little town and were not disappointed. We stuck our heads in several interesting stores – one sold holiday ornaments and baked homemade cupcakes! Another antique dealer had moved here from Winter Park and was familiar with the Morse Museum on Park Avenue! There were lots of red rocking chairs along the sidewalks too! Dave’s beard is growing in nicely, don’t you agree? He looks very cute!
Glad to see gas prices coming down, so we can take some little day-trips. Next week we hope to drive south to Savannah on Wednesday. We haven’t made any big plans at any destinations yet, but are talking about the tour of Fort Sumter in Charleston on Monday. How fun is that?


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  1. It was wonderful to meet you too, Karen. We have decided to visit Ft. Sumpter on Monday. I’ve found several historical markers not far from the RV park – I ride my bike every day and I’ve driven by them several times and missed them! We may drive down to Coosawhatchie and do some exploring; Lee headquartered there at the end of the Civil War!

    Keep in touch – would love to hear what you guys are up to also!
    Love, Gerri, Dave, Snickerdoodle and Pooh Bear

  2. We loved seeing the deer here too and I enjoyed your post. It was a pleasure talking with you the first night we settled in and it doesn’t seem possible we have to leave tomorrow for NC. We went to Ft. Pulaski and Old Ft. Jackson on Wednesday in Savannah and ate at the Six Pence Pub on Bull St. They have great food and good service. Thursday we went to Ft. Sumter and found it very interesting. Safe travels to you, Dave and Pooh Bear.

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