Another day hanging out at the RV. One doggie, Pooh Bear, wasn’t feeling well over the weekend and after cleaning up some messes, decided that leaving her for a full day wasn’t a great idea. She’s better I think, but glad we decided to stay here and be sure. Charleston isn’t going anywhere and neither are we for another 9 days, so we’ll reschedule our trip for later in the week.

I’ve been enjoying my bike rides in the mornings and discovered that we are right in the heart of some Civil War battles! Right down the road in Coosawhatchie, General Lee set up camp during the final days of the war! I was mispronouncing Coos-a-WHAT-chee. Turns out that Coosaw was the name of an indian tribe and Hatchie was the Indian name for river! So, the correct pronounciation is koos-uh-HATCH-ee.

The British burned down the town in the 1700’s but along came General Robert E. Lee to fortify the coastal defenses of South Carolina and Georgia during late 1861 and early 1862. In order to protect the railroad bridge located in Coosawhatchie against Federal gunboats coming up the Broad River, Lee’s troops dug massive earthworks along its banks. So there you have it!

I’m looking forward to visiting Ft. Sumpter when we head over to Charleston. Some camping friends of ours have a nice blog about the flag display there – I’m looking forward to seeing it for myself!  I’m not what you’d call a history bluff but do find some things fascinating. If you’ve never been to St. Augustine , the oldest city in the United States!

Karen’s husband Carl has a not-so-hidden Mickey on the front of his RV, and was quite fascinated with our Mickey Light. Many people stop and comment about it! Dave actually made it, finding instructions on the Internet. Disney doesn’t sell these, but they’d make a gold mine if they did. When we stayed at Fort Wilderness, there were tons of them, all home-made!

Looks like rain again, so I’m glad we decided to hang out. Tuesday is a ‘work’ day (I’m coaching from the coach!) but we could head out to either Charleston or Savannah on Wednesday. Or not!

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  1. Pooh Bear is feeling a lot better. Today was flea/heartworm meds too, and that sometimes upsets their tummies so its good we stayed with them today. We may go for a ride later and bring the girls.

    For sure though, Beverly, if you have never been to St. Augustine, it’s a wonderful day-trip.

  2. Thanks for the history lesson and I hope Pooh Bear feels better soon!

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