We were invited to spend a night with friends in Lexington, SC on Friday. There was no way that we could take two dirty little puppies, so both Snickerdoodle and Pooh Bear suffered through a bath, blow dry and fluff out!  The two hour drive in our Honda S2000 went pretty well; one dog slept the whole way and the other acted as the navigator, watching the world go by.  We listened to a little Van Morrison and enjoyed each other’s company.

Betty and Gary have two Maltese so we were a little concerned about how the dogs would get along, but they all had a good time with their new buddies! What a relief; Snick is a bit shy but she soon was frolicking with her three white counterparts.  We also enjoyed their beautiful back yard, complete with a bird house – home to a bluebird family.  Betty thought that the babies would soon be ready to leave the nest. One was kind enough to pose for me atop the bird house. It made for a pleasant Friday afternoon, followed by dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Ruby Tuesdays. I am a vegetarian and this restaurant has many excellent side dishes in addition to their ample salad bar.

Dave and Gary share a love of antique cars, and enjoyed a little joy ride in Gary’s 1934 Woody, which he restored himself! He also has a classic single-owner 1964 Studebaker!

Betty and I left the boys to their own demise on Saturday morning while we drove into Columbia. I lead a half-day spiritual workshop which went pretty well, and also saw some of the city, including this interesting artwork on the side of a building – doesn’t it really look like a cavernous opening, rather than a large institutional wall? I think Betty said that the artist is Blue Sky.

There’s also a very large sculpture of a fire hydrant. You can get an idea of the size of it by the car parked nearby.

Soon it was time to head back to Yemassee , but not befor we stopped for gas! $2.99 is the cheapest we’ve seen so far.  Columbia’s prices were ten to fifteen cents cheaper per gallon than the east side of the state. That will make a big difference when we head out on Wednesday with the RV, which gets 7 mpg.

We still haven’t made it to Charleston, but rain or shine, we’re going tomorrow. Today however, we enjoyed another piece of history by visiting Old Sheldon Church right here in Yemassee. What an amazing feeling to b walking It had been burned down in the Revolutionary War and again by General Sherman in the Civil war.

I used to SCUBA dive; often hovering in one place over the reef to just watch. Soon I’d see lots of sea-life right under my own nose. My fellow divers often would expend their energy scurrying from one place to another and miss what was so obvious to me. Our itinerary  for this RV trip reminds me of those days. We are staying in one place for 3 weeks or so, and exploring the local area. Had we left after only a few days, we’d have never discovered the church today, with it’s old gravestones, fences  and even an old water pump in working order!

Rain or shine, it’s Charleston tomorrow.

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