We moved yesterday! We’re now in Fair Play, SC, but what an adventure getting here. We left Yemassee about 8 and planned on a 4 to 5 hour trip across South Carolina. It  had finally stopped raining and it was great to see some sunshine for a change!

Dave has a check list to insure that we have everything ready to roll – car in neutral, emergency brake off and the key set to accessory. The brake buddy wasn’t cooperating, but we finally got it ready to go. I did the walk around to make sure the slides were pulled in securely and the levelers fully retracted.

Everything went pretty good and we stopped about 2 hours into our trip to refuel and refresh. While Dave was pumping gas, I noticed that he had left the keys hanging in one of the cargo door locks – we’d driven over 100 miles with the keys dangling! God was with us there! Another thing to add to the checklist – make sure the keys are inside the RV!

Also one of the cargo doors had popped open and wouldn’t stay shut. Dave got out his vice grips and adjusted the latch for about 20 minute till it would finally stay shut. We climbed back into the RV and guess what? The steps wouldn’t retract! So Dave spent about 10 minutes opening and closing the door, slamming, then trying to close it gently until finally, they stayed up. Things do malfunction, but that’s the same with your car or your home so it’s just life and we need to just take it as it comes, right? At least none of it was sufficient to call the suicide hot line!

We were about 45 minutes from our destination and had to take a hilly two-lane highway between two interstates. We were just rolling along when the GPS told us to turn left and when we did, it said the dreaded, “recalculating”. Those things aren’t perfect either. “Go 500′ and make a u-turn.” Well, you just can’t make a u-turn in a 40′ RV while towing a vehicle. So that meant we had to get out, disconnect my car, turn the RV around, reconnect the car and then get back out on the road. That took about half an hour.

We got back into the RV and … you guessed it … the steps wouldn’t go back up again! Another 20 minutes of cajoling, slamming and gently closing to get them to cooperate. Finally we were back on the road, and headed to our destination. Amazingly, we were quite civil to one another throughout the repairs and awarenesses!  We made it with no more challenges and wow, what a nice place, Carolina Landings in Fair Play, South Carolina. We’re really up in the hills and situated on a huge lake. There’s lots of thing to do here; a big pool, pickleball courts and a huge lake. I’m hoping that there are kayaks to rent.

I was so excited to go for a bike ride. I usually cruise in 7th or 8th gear and I was looking forward to using all my gears.I took the bike out and started out in 3rd gear. That seemed reasonable. I could hardly get up the hill in 1st gear. In fact, I had to get out and push the bike up one hill. It took me half an hour to go just over a mile. I usually ride 8 to 10 miles in an hour. Well, I think I’ll be walking rather than riding here. OMG! I am so sore this morning. I ache in places that I didn’t know I had places!

The weather is a bit cooler here – dug out our long sleeves and sneakers. It rained this morning but the forecast is clear weather later in the day. We’re looking forward to new adventures here for the next three weeks. We’re not sure what is in the area – at least the local WalMart is only 15 instead of 30 miles away! Dave is checking on local things of interest. I hear that there are lots of waterfalls nearby, and a day-trip to Tennessee is not out of the question. We also want to drive over to Charlotte for a day to see my family! I am scheduled to do some workshops outside Asheville, NC next month and probably something near Raleigh in August. Nothing like mixing a little business with pleasure!

Our eleventh wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Dave suggested a massage as a gift for me so I’ll see what is available while we are in town. I’m sure in need of one; the cycling has played mayhem with my muscles.

In closing, happy Flag Day!

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