The past week has been wonderful here on the western-most side of South Carolina. For Father’s Day, we drove up to Anderson, which is the largest city we’ve seen since Columbia; lots of stores and civilization. We found a Catholic Church for Mass on Saturday night, Saint Joseph’s. I really liked the altar back drop of a small, simple stain glass window, surrounded by a lovely view of the woods. The priest gave a great sermon and we felt filled up when we left.

Now what are the odds of seeing someone you know in a town where you’ve never been? I had talked to my friend Erin earlier in the day and she said if we went to the church in Clemson on Sunday morning, to give her a call and we’d meet up. I never expected to see her at St. Joseph’s but when the priest invited us to share the sign of peace, there she was extending her hand! What a small world. We’ll catch up with her and Herb while we’re staying over here. I didn’t think to take a picture, but this is one when we saw each other last November in Charlotte.

On Sunday we drove about 30 miles to a Flea market. It was huge! I bought some fresh veggies and resisted the urge to buy a gorgeous little Peke-tsu puppy.  Dave convinced me that we needed another dog about as much as we need a hole in our heads and I decided that I’m going to invest that money in a new camera instead. Lots less labor intensive and expensive in the long run.  Little fuzz-ball puppies are so irresitable!

Son Jason and his friend Jeff arrived around dinner time and it was so wonderful to see him.  Spending 18 months overseas in the Navy didn’t seem to harm him much – he looks handsome and fit as ever. Dave cooked a nice pork loin on the grill and after an evening of non-stop catching up, we crashed well before midnight. Let me tell you something – four people in an RV is a real stretch. With suitcases and the pull-out couch opened up, we were banging into one another.  The boys left on Monday to do some touring too, planning on driving all the way to Los Angeles to see Cory and Jana.

I’ve traded in my daily bike rides for walks with Dave, since the hills are too steep for cycling to be fun. We found a country road with more gradual up and downgrades, and have trekked it most mornings. One property had a most interesting mailbox, I think it’s a tractor. People sure are creative, aren’t they?

There is one of many beautiful lakes at the end of this road. The water is clear and you can see the bottom easily. While the east side of this state had daily, drenching downpours, this area is experiencing more of a drought, because contrary to the sign, the water level is well below the boat ramp. We were able to walk along the edge of the lake before coming across private docks and turning around.

The red ‘Georgia clay’ also extends up into South Carolina, because Pooh Bear was no longer white when we returned home from our Monday walk. She looked quite comical with her orange paws and belly! A bath fixed that, much to her dismay.

We are really enjoying our stay here at Carolina Landing. The campgrounds are quiet and peaceful, with lots of trees. The steep hills are pretty to look at but a challenge to navigate on foot. RV’ers are friendly for the most part and we’ve struck up a conversation with a few people.  It always starts out with one of two questions, “Where you from” or “Where you headed?” Either way, we’re all on an adventure!

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  1. Thanks Jackie! We are having a wonderful time on the road. We bypassed Atlanta, but I’m planning a trip there in January – hope to see you then.

  2. Great RV reflections…oh the fun of summer…

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