Fair Play has been a great place to stay. We experienced rain nearly every day while on the east coast; here we’ve been blessed with daily sunshine. We took advantage of the glorious weather on Thursday, put the top down on our little car and headed south to Helen, GA. After a short jaunt on Interstate 85, we enjoyed the country roads, with lots of trees, hills and curves .

Helen is advertised as a ‘German town’ but it didn’t prepare us for the beautiful view as we came around the bend and saw all the white buildings and red roofs.  Throngs of tourist reminded me of visiting Disney at home! We really love meandering through small shops and talking with people.

There were many stores catering to whatever you might want to buy; jewelry, German cuckoo clocks, home-made quilts and lots of restaurants and bakeries! Dave lived in Germany for several years and loves the food. He saved his appetite for lunch and satisfied a craving for schnitzel, stating that it was just like he remembered.  I’ve been migrating toward vegetarian food, and enjoyed a nice salad and some potato pancakes. I liked my mother’s recipe better, but they were tasty nonetheless.

I had many great opportunities to play with my new Nikon camera, zooming in on windmills, fountains, flowers and interesting people! I took lots of pictures. Let me share a few with you.

Many of the buildings were decorated with hand painted pictures, hoisting a beer and carving chairs. One shop even had this picture of Gepetto as he created his boy-puppet Pinnochio!


Dave was very light-hearted as we strolled up and down the street, stopping in stores to look around. We both took turns playing with my camera too.  Here he is clowning around; I was lining up the camera on this little statue and he decided to ham it up for the camera! It sure made for a fun day. We saw several interesting carvings and statues. You can look at my Facebook page for more.

On Monday we’re going to drive to Charlotte – my sister Joanne will be staying with my Mom and Dad while Sandy and her family take a well-deserved vacation. It’s a 3 hour drive from here but we have enjoyed our little day-trips. Our next destination is a lot closer to Sandy’s so we should see them a few more times this summer, but this is the only time I’ll get to see Joanne and Rich. Tomorrow we’re visiting a different church, in Georgia, about half an hour from here.

A hurricane is brewing in the Gulf, but we put up the storm shutters on the house before we left and have friends watching our place. So we’re not worried about anything other than enjoying our time here in South Carolina.

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