We’ve really been enjoying visiting different Catholic churches along our journey. Today we headed south, to Hartwell, GA and attended Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was a small church, but packed! We arrived about ten minutes early and were ushered to the front pew – all the rows behind us were full, and several more arrived after us, sitting on seats to the right and left of the altar.

I met the Deacon in the lobby; greeting people as we entered. He asked where we were from and I shared how I’ve been getting so much from visiting different parishes each week and hearing some great sermons. He would be delivering today’s homily, so the pressure was on!

The deacon did a great job, speaking on the Gospel about the birth of John the Baptist, who comforted the disturbed and disturbed the comfortable. Wow, did that hit home. Do I have that impact on people? He also explained that John’s name was selected before he was born, and contrary to the Jewish custom, he was not named after a relative, confirmed by his father Zacharias.  He concluded by asking us, if we could change our names, what name would we choose.

What name would I pick? I thought about it for a while and decided that ‘Beacon’ would be a high ideal! Would my life reflect one of attraction to others? I hope so.

The church had some amazing stain glass windows. I took several pictures, but couldn’t do justice to the front – a cross in spectacular colors, with the heart of Jesus in the center and light streaming from it, but I couldn’t capture the light with several attempts.  While I was shooting, a woman came up and asked if I liked the windows, telling me that they were made by members of the church. A woman who practiced the art lead the project and several people participated. Knowing this made the beauty of the windows seem even more spectacular to me.

We were struck by the stately old homes we passed in Hartwell, the old plantation style with tin roofs. Some really just needed a coat of paint to be real showcases.

We took a wrong turn (yes, with a GPS that we weren’t paying well enough attention to) and discovered a whimsical yard, with lots of pink yard ornaments. I wonder if that bike was just for decoration or street-ready.

We turned down a side street to double back and catch a house that I liked, and spotted this most amazing artwork. We’re not sure what was going on with this window. It looked like a business but there was no sign to tell us what they did there. Each of the twenty-four panes had a different painting. Such creativity! Sometimes a wrong turn really isn’t a wrong turn at all, but an opportunity to see something you’d have otherwise overlooked.

Since we were all dressed up for church, (I’ve only worn makeup twice since we left Titusville), I asked Dave to take a few pictures with my new short haircut. The dogs wanted to get in on the act too. When I get new business cards printed, I’ll probably use one of the pictures. Dave did a good job!

We all were tired this afternoon and took naps. Dogs sure can get comfortable! We’re spending the day watching the NASCAR race in Sonoma, CA, just a laid-back, nice Sunday afternoon in Fair Play, SC. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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