It rained nearly every day while we were parked on the east coast,but  it has not rained once since we arrived in Fair Play, SC, nearly 3 weeks ago.  This week is winding down with some record breaking heat; yesterday we reached 106. You know what? It didn’t feel that warm to us, since the humidity wasn’t too bad, compared to what we’re used to in Central FL.  I have to admit, today I minded it.

We had some nice adventures this week, starting off with a 3 hour drive to Charlotte to visit my family on Monday. My sister Joanne and husband Rich were down from PA to care for my 91 year old parents on my youngest sister’s farm. Sandy and her family are taking a well-deserved vacation. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see my sister!

My folks are doing really well. Mom likes to play “Upwords” and she’s a real competitor. She was winning most of the game and while I was working on strategies to beat her, Joanne snuck out front and I came in last! What a blow to my big old ego! We had a good time.

In addition to the chickens, ducks, geese, rabbit, cats, dogs and ten cows, the Vollmans’ are now sheep farmers too!  The new critters seem kind of shy – I walked toward the fence and they high-tailed it to the other end of the corral, but this gave me an opportunity to play some more with my new camera and tried out the video feature.

We also were entertained by several hummingbirds who were enjoying the feeder. I caught some good pictures, but also videoed them for a few seconds. I’m very happy with that feature of my camera.

The afternoon seemed to zoom by and soon it was time for us to head south – we left the dogs in the RV. They are good for long periods but we didn’t want to make them suffer! They sure were happy to see us!

We drove over to the botanical gardens at Clemson University on Wednesday. The growing cycle is nearing an end, but I still was able to get some great pictures. Several butterflies and bees actually posed for me! I’m going to post some of the better ones on Facebook. Since it was so warm, we decided to vist later in the day  later in the day and the shade provided some respite from the heat. The breeze wasn’t too bad either!

On Friday we caught up with my dear friend Erin and her husband Herb. Erin and I met about 18 years ago  when we both lived in Winter Park. She lives in Anderson now.  First time to meet Herb; he’s a really nice guy. They took us into the mountains of NC, to a town called Highlands. It was an expensive tourist trap and we saw many FL tags on cars. We enjoyed lunch at a nice restaurant and walked around the town, mostly window shopping because stuff was pretty expensive.

The best two things I saw was a little designer dog – part poodle and Chihuahua – they call them poochies. How convenient! The Andersons used to live in Winter Park; learned that when we were inquiring about a repair to a watch for Erin. They had some very unusual pieces. Mrs. had just finished a brushed gold necklace with diamonds – well out of my budget but we enjoyed talking with her and petting the puppy!

We also ran into a little cutie pie in a baby stroller. The sun glasses were too cute as was her little wave!

South Carolina is known for its beautiful waterfalls. After church tomorrow, we are hoping to head west and see one or two, but if the temperature is anything like today, we may have to pass on that. We’re here until Thursday, so if we do opt to skip it, we still have a few more days to try.

So that’s life in the RV this week. We will be here until July 5th – we’re here an extra day because the other park was full on July 4th. No problem – this place has been great, easy to get around, good internet and cell phone coverage so what more could you ask for?

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