I once heard that a boat is a hole in the water where you can throw your money. That must be true of RV’s too – a hole in the road where you can throw your money.

On Sunday night, we had a quick, nasty storm blow through here – lots of wind, rain, lightning and thunder. Suddenly there was a deafening boom, simultaneous with the sky lighting up like the Griswald’s house on Christmas Eve. It was almost as scary as when Hurricane Charlie barreled over Orlando and we heard that infamous ‘freight train’, followed by our locked French doors opening out their own accord!

The lights stayed on, so I figured we were okay, but that false sense of security soon passed – the kitchen outlets were dead. I tried to reset the plug in the bathroom to no avail. Then it began to get a little warm in here. Neither air conditioner was working. And we’ve since learned that our radio is zapped too!

The rain had cooled things off a bit, thank God; the day before’s temperature had hit 106! We were able to open the bedroom windows and with a fan, stayed comfortable enough to get a decent night’s sleep. First thing on Monday, we set to the task of finding someone to help us.

The Carolina Landings office had a list of local RV services, but none were able to squeeze us in until at least Thursday. The park had its own problems – the electronic gate was out, as was their WIFI tower.  Dave contacted Good Sam – that’s our extended warranty insurer, who gave us a referral.

Billy Boyd is a good old boy. His partner Tammy, reminded me of Whoopie Goldberg, with curls framing her pretty face. She’s an electrical engineer. They seemed like an odd combination, but very interesting and nice people.

So, Billy Boyd and Tammy came to the rescue, fixed the fried GFCI outlet and then assessed the A/C situation. The verdict was not good – both air conditioners had taken a hit and were going to be uncomfortably hot for a few days. Billy found two A/C units just over the GA border, but a necessary control panel was not available. He worked until nearly 11 pm so there wouldn’t be any holes in the roof, but it would be at least another night in the heat. I took a cool shower before bed, which cooled me down enough to doze off.

When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, my sister and I slept upstairs and nobody had air conditioning. We had two big fans stuck in the window which did nothing but move around more hot air. I thought about that and wondered how we ever survived. How we take things like air conditioning for granted nowadays.

Early on Tuesday, Billy called to say that he found the two needed parts – in Chattanooga, TN, nearly four hours away. Over-nighting them would put it into Thursday, since Wednesday was July 4th. The best solution was for us to drive and get the units. Dave hopped in the car, and I stayed behind with the dogs, opened all the windows and sat quietly as I could with a fan blowing right on me. That worked okay until about 3 in the afternoon, when the outside air was cooler than inside. I pulled up a lawn chair, a cold soda and a good book, until Dave returned at 6 in the evening.

Everything was up and running by 8 that night. Man, A/C never felt so good! I dropped that thermostat down to butt-freezing and slept like a baby! Our wallet took quite a hit but we’re working with our insurance company to see if it may be covered. Good Sam was a bust – they don’t cover ‘Acts of God’. Sheesh!

Billy invited us to join them and some friends in Seneca on the 4th for dinner and an evening of fireworks and dancing to the Tams! Do you remember them from the 60’s, for such hits as “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy”, “What Kind of Fool”, “I’ve Been Hurt”? Of course, the original members are replaced by their kids but they were just as good as I remembered from my high school days.  There were several generations of Tams, included three adorable little guys who were shaking it up in grand style, just like their daddies! How fun to watch throngs of people dancing on the grass, to those great old hits. The band members even came down and danced with the people.

During dinner, I asked how Billy and Tammy had met, and turns out he is a dance instructor! I’d never have guessed that, while he crawled around on our roof installing an air conditioner! Their friends were all so nice and we really had a good time. After the entertainment, we enjoyed some amazing fireworks, with more good music, lots of booms, oohs and ahs! What a nice send off.

Thursday was another travel day, heading to Green Mountain in Lenoir, NC, but more about that later!

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